Private Dining


Private Dining


Whether you are planning a corporate meeting, birthday celebration, anniversary party or a storybook wedding, Juban’s is sure to exceed your expectations.

Juban's nine beautifully appointed rooms open onto a New Orleans inspired Courtyard Bar with a intimate fireplace and a glass ceiling. The facility will accommodate from 6-140 guests seated, and up to 500 for receptions.  The entire restaurant is available to accommodate up to 700 people.

Each room is equipped with wireless access and projection screens that disappear into the ceiling when not in use.


To inquire about private dining and private events, call Brandy Gabel at 225.346.8422


Private Dining Menus

Private Dining Menus


Dining Halls

Dining Halls


Room minimum 50 people Seats up to 140, with audio visual 110.


Room minimum 6 people Seats up to 12, with audio visual 9.


Room minimum 22. Seats up to 40, with audio visual 35, U shape 35.

Wine Room


Room minimum 23. Seats up to 45, with audio visual 40, U-shape 40.


Room minimum 9. Seats up to 16, with audio visual 13.




Juban’s Restaurant & Catering, regionally and nationally acclaimed since 1983, evokes the gracious hospitality and ambiance one expects to find in an old New Orleans home. Our on site facilities include an Atrium Courtyard bar, private dining rooms with seated accommodations from 6 to 150 guests, and 250+ for receptions and cocktail parties.  The Highland room can accommodate up to 175 guests for cocktail receptions and can break out in to other rooms based on additional numbers of guests as follows: 175-200 the Highland room and half of the atrium bar, 200 -250 add the Hyacinth room, 250-350 add the Acadian room.  Room capacities (PDF).

+ Does Juban’s have access to the Internet?

Yes, all rooms are capable of wireless internet hook up; please see your sales person for details.

+ What is Juban’s Dress Code?

Business casual is acceptable dress for dining; Juban’s does not require a coat and tie.

+ How do I secure a reservation?

A credit card number is needed to hold a date. All contracts and confirmations must be signed and returned to Juban’s within forty-eight hours of receipt.

+ Do you need a deposit?

Is it refundable? All Events booked more than six months in advance require a deposit which will be applied toward the event. The deposit will be non-refundable after 90 days from the date the deposit is paid.

+ When must payment be made?

All payments are due upon receipt unless prior arrangements have been made with our accounting department.

+ What about Beverage Service?

Beverage service menus are provided in all menu packets and Juban’s offers a variety of beverage options for your event: for Seated Dinners, Rehearsal Dinners and Banquets the options include:
Bar service with prices by the glass or by the bottle, with all wine and champagne service by the bottle. (If you choose to bring in you own Wine Selections, Juban’s will add a corkage fee of $25.00 per bottle.)
Wedding receptions and cocktail parties over 50 guests Juban’s offers beverage service packages with a per person price on a per hour basis. All menus include Tea and Coffee Service at no additional charge.

+ What about selecting a menu?

All menu selections must be made no later than two weeks prior. Menu prices can only be guaranteed within 90 days of an event. (Juban’s will be happy to customize a menu to suit your groups particular needs or taste.)

+ What about special dietary concerns?

Juban’s can accommodate almost all dietary concerns, including vegan meals and gluten free meals. See your Juban’s sales person for any questions you may have about special meals.

+ Do menus differ for different size groups?

Pre-set menu packages are available for groups of 10 or more. Small groups of 16 or less are welcomed to order from our regular dining menu.

+ We have small children attending, what does Juban’s offer for them?

For seated dinners with Children 12 and under, Juban’s will offer a child’s menu package that includes a child’s beverage, small salad, entrée choice, and child’s dessert. Please let your sales person know in advance how many children will be attending your dinner.

+ When do you need the guarantee number?

All guarantees for groups of 50 or less are due no later than noon, two business days prior to the event.
All guarantees for groups over 50 are due no later than noon 5 business days prior, but can be adjusted within 10% up to the 48 hour date.
Once a guarantee has been set it can increase but not decrease. (The guarantee is the number of guests you will pay for.) We base our guarantee date on the standard 5 business day work week.

+ Which rooms will you use for my event?

Rooms are based on availability and number of guests, Juban’s reserves the right to relocate events within the restaurant based on number of guests and special set up requirements.
Some rooms have limitations regarding set up arrangements and capacities (pdf download); see your sales representative regarding your particular set up requirements.

+ Is there a charge for different colored linen?

Standard linen is provided at no additional cost. Specialty linens can be rented for an additional charge.

+ Do you have a dance floor?

Juban’s can supply a 15’x15’ or 18'x18' dance floor for and additional $250.00

+ What about flowers?

Floral displays are not provided by Juban’s; we have a list of preferred vendors, but you are welcome to bring in your own table decorations.

+ What if we have a banner or signs to hang on the wall?

Juban’s does not allow anything to be hung, pinned, or taped on or to the walls in any room in the restaurant.

+ What about candles?

We provide votive candles for all tables. Any other candle sticks must be covered with a glass shield.

+ When will someone be there to let the cake people in or other special deliveries?

Juban’s requests that prior arrangements be made with your Juban’s sales representative regarding vendor deliveries; including all packages, specialty items, cakes and floral, (cakes must be delivered with storage instructions).

+ When can you get in the room?

Your room will be made available to you one hour prior to your event unless other arrangements have been made with the Event Coordinator.

+ Do you allow events or wedding receptions during the day on Saturday? Do you offer functions when you are normally closed like prior to an LSU game or on Sunday?

For special events during the day on Saturday or Sunday when we are normally closed, special arrangements can be made for groups of 50 or more.

+ Do you allow wedding ceremonies, and what is the cost?

We allow wedding ceremonies for a small fee in conjunction with a reception, we do however have limitations as to what rooms are available and service times, it best to see you sales person to discuss options and cost.